How to Support Small Businesses for FREE!

How to Support Small Businesses for FREE!

Listen, I have good intentions, but I'm on a tight budget. I want to support every small business and really stick it to the Amazon guy, buuuuuut... I'm just a millennial who is trying her absolute best. I don't have the kind of disposable income I wish I did to buy every handmade good at every market I'm vending at myself. Soooo if you wish you could support your friend's business better or you've just found a small biz that's really made a difference in your life, here are a few ways you can help them out without spending a single penny:
1. Engage on social media - Any time something is posted, interaction makes all the difference for a small business. No, we're not over here counting likes and views for funzies... but the more our content is interacted with, the more likely it will end up in front of someone that could really make a difference in our career:
    • Like, comment, and save posts...
    • Tag us in that photo you took of the thing you purchased...
    • Answer polls and questions in stories…even if you don’t have an opinion/ answer/ question, your interaction helps immensely!
    • Join that giveaway!
2. Leave a review - Whether it is for a particular product, some work the business did, or something else entirely, small businesses thrive on feedback! Don't be the person who makes all buying decisions based on reviews, yet never leaves one...
    • Etsy - review a product you purchased, bonus points for photos!
    • Surveys - Sometimes polls or surveys are sent out via email, and the answers on those really help us know what we need to do to make the biz even better!
    • On the website - here is a link to the contact form on my website - It would mean the world to get some feedback so other people can know if they might like to purchase my products or hire me!
    • Google / Yelp  - I don't have a spot here, but I know plenty of small biz friends who do!
    • Endorse skills on Linkedin

3. Share - Sharing is caring! You never know who might really benefit from you doing so (and vice versa!)

    • Share this blog post...
    • Forward that email...
    • Share the Instagram post to your story (don't forget to tag!)...
    • Share photos of the physical art you’ve already purchased!

If you are someone who knows a small business owner, I hope you found something useful in this article. And if you're a small business, let me know what other FREE ways there are for our loved ones to help! 

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